• Integrity and Inclusiveness
  • Transformative Change
  • Self-Determination and Self-Actualization
  • Dignity of Human Life
  • Respect for Women, Youth and Children
  • Pan-Africanism and Integration of Africa


CoDA was established in March 2009 to combine the best elements of three high-level policy forums that were established in the 1990s to promote dialogue on Africa’s development.
The three organizations are briefly described here:

Global Coalition for Africa (GCA)

The Global Coalition for Africa (GCA) brought together African policy makers and their partners to deepen dialogue and build consensus on Africa’s priority development issues. The GCA’s added value was in the composition of its constituency, its emphasis on frank and open exchange of views, and its policy-focused approach. It aimed to ensure that Africa remained high on the international agenda to facilitate greater understanding of the development challenges faced by the continent, and to promote agreement on necessary actions to be taken by both African governments and their international partners. The GCA’s agenda was focused on the broad themes of a) peace and security; b) governance and transition to democracy; and c) sustainable growth and integration into the global economy.

The Big Table

The Big Table was an initiative designed by the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) to promote frank, constructive dialogue between African finance ministers and their Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) counterparts. The format and agenda were designed to allow for maximum interactive dialogue.  There were no formal statements issued as it was an informal consultation between finance ministers from several African countries and their counterparts from OECD development co-operation ministries. The Big Table is credited with placing the focus on transforming Africa’s relationship with its development partners.

The African Development Forum

The African Development Forum (ADF) was an Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) flagship biennial event created in 1999.  It was a multi-stakeholder platform for debating, discussing and initiating concrete strategies for Africa’s development. It was convened in collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC), the African Development Bank (AfDB) and other key partners to establish an African-driven development agenda that reflects consensus and leads to specific programmes for implementation. The aim of ADF was to present the key stakeholders in Africa’s development with the results of current research and opinions on key development issues in order to formulate shared goals, priorities and programmes, and define the environment that will enable African countries to implement these programmes.

Governance Structures

Without being their Programme, CoDA is sponsored by the AfDB, the AUC and the UNECA The Coalition is led by a council of African and non-African eminent personalities and it is supported by the private sector.

CoDA’s work is guided by an independent, high-level Board of Directors. The Board Members serve in their personal capacity and are selected among the most eminent, effective and esteemed African and international personalities noted for their professional accomplishments, their national and international leadership experience, and their commitment to Africa’s growth and development.