Ms. Souad Aden Osman

Executive Director

Ms. Souad Aden-Osman is the Executive Director of the CoDA secretariat housed in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In her capacity, she has served as the focal point for the IFF Panel since its inception in 2012 and coordinated the Secretariat’s activities in the same time. She is also currently serving as the Acting Coordinator of AUC-ECA-AfDB Joint Secretariat Support Office (JSSO).  In-addition to the roles mentioned above, Ms. Souad Aden Osman is currently the Senior Programme Management Officer for the Deputy Executive Secretary and Chief Economist of the ECA.  In this role, she has provided innovative guidance on improving the functioning of the Management Support Committees of UNECA, particularly the Adhoc Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Matters and overseen the preparation and successful execution of major institutional activities including the organization of the Eight African Development Forum (ADF VIII) as well as every IFF related event involving the High Level Panel. Ms. Aden-Osman has over a decade of varied senior titles within the United Nations system and prior to this was senior official within the Canadian government and several private sector institutions. Souad Aden-Osman is a Djiboutian-Canadian and holds an M.B.A in Management from the University of Ottawa.

Mr. Oladipo E. Johnson

Technical Adviser to the Executive Director

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