CoDA and Trust Africa work together to develop online Knowledge Hub on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa

CoDA and Trust Africa have committed to collaborate within the framework of the Consortium to Stem Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) from Africa and its technical arm, the IFF Working Group (IWG) to develop an online IFF Knowledge Hub. The Knowledge Hub will be built upon the existing IFF Database which is currently hosted by Trust Africa. The hub is expected to deliver an online repository of research materials and other knowledge resources on the subject of illicit financial flows from Africa. It will also entail a community of practice as well as live document editing to enhance collaboration.

The Executive Directors of both institutions met on 11 June 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at a planning meeting on the Knowledge Hub. The main goal of the meeting was to convene the first formal technical discussion on the proposed collaborative IFF knowledge hub. Additionally, both institutions discussed the methodology, objectives and funding of the hub as well as the timeline for its implementation. Development of the aforementioned Hub is underway and is being carried out in consultation with the AUC and UNECA.