A Development platform for discussions and reflections.

The creation of the Coalition for Dialogue on Africa (CoDA) stems from the strong determination of African institutions and civil societies to learn, among other things, best lessons from the recent global financial crisis, the global food crisis and climate change. Born out of the Global coalition for Africa, the Big Table and the African Development Forum, CoDA seeks, within the post-crisis context, to promote a better synergy between various African Development stakeholders through open, direct and inclusive dialogue. In fact, the financial crisis has exposed the magnitude of African development challenges, the urgency for alternative global governance and the need for Africa to totally take its destiny into its hands.

With the strong support of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, the African Union Commission (AUC) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the three institutions behind the creation, CoDA seeks to also ensure long-term effects of Africa’s response to the global financial crisis.


Framework for Exchange and Reflections without Taboos

As a new, international, independent and open forum, the Coalition can, without a doubt, persuade Africans to accept post-crisis reforms.   As the first effect of the crisis began showing up on the continent, the AfDB, the ECA and the AUC responded through various initiatives such as the Conference of African Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors in mid-November 2008 in Tunis, the creation of the Committee of 10 (c10) which comprises African finance ministers and central bank governors, as well as participation in the
G-20 meetings.

Specifically, as a response to the global financial crisis; the AfDB, the Continent’s premier development fiancé institutions, established new instruments, therefore ensuring access to greater financial resources for its regional member countries (RMCs) through simplified procedures.

In order to consolidate gains made through these efforts, CoDA looks to contribute the definition of new African development paradigms, a new praxis in the public sphere as well as actions by citizens. In this regard, the coalition has already organized a seminar on trans-national crime and its impact on governance in Africa in October 2009 in Abuja, Nigeria. It also organized a meeting on the global financial crisis in November 2009 in Tunis, Tunisia



“The Coalition for Dialogue of Africa is a new, independent international forum which identifies and discusses issues related to Africa’s development in a global context, it is a platform for discussions and reflections which works for the continent, bringing together various actors to promote open, direct and inclusive dialogue with a view to giving the continent a greater voice. It is an orientation framework which works in close collaboration with various international organizations working for peace, security, governance and development in Africa.


New Statutes and new ambitions

Following the establishment of CoDA in Addis Ababa in 2009, the Board members agreed that the organization should place particular emphasis on promoting dialogue and debate that would bring together the ideas of diverse groups of individuals. CoDA provides a platform for the ongoing engagement in rigorous and candid dialogue on crucial, and at times controversial, questions of vital interest to the future of the continent.

CODA is further mobilizing resource for the planning advocacy actions to continent. The scale of financing needs makes it difficult for a single institution to act alone. If the global financial crisis brought about greater resource mobilization, it goes without saying that the challenges – climate change, peace and security’s, good governance, regional integration and private sector development.

As a platform for discussions and reflections, without taboos, run by African and non-African eminent personalities, CoDA is adding value to efforts by Africa to make its voice heard louder in the global arena.